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La mode se démode, le style jamais Today is Sunday, May 28, 2017



Shooting supervised by  Merit risdate. All rights reserved by Paul Hill


Behind the scene



Dress to success


Chritmas season coming soon, it's time to find the best dress to celebrate correctly this end of the year. I made some photomontages of my favorite brand. You will not find Asos, lipsy .. Because which I like in fashion blog that is discover new brands, and in these case show you new brands.


NastyGal - the most vintage


Dress it now - the fullest











Rare - the prettiest










Edressit - the most 'princess'


Zeleb - the best ever...


A matter of Taste


.Surprising creations made with natural and edible, by photographer Fulvio Bonavia for his latest book "A Matter of Taste". Between gastronomy and the world of haute couture, here are a selection of images to discover more.





.Since Megan fox appears in "Rolling stone"magazine with a body (from American apparel), bodysuits are everywhere.


Fashion Investigation


What's new in the fashion world? In this article, I don't talk about the last fashion item, or the color you've to wear, but the new process which can revolutionnize our habits.


  • Spray-on T-shirt [Click]


  • The invisibility Cloak [Click]: "Researchers at Toyama Prefectural University and other institutions announced that they theoretically formulated a "perfect invisible cloak." The invisible cloak generates no reflection or phase delay at all even when an electromagnetic wave passes through it. It was developed with the use of an artificial dielectric material called "left-handed metamaterial," which has a negative refractive index n. It can be said that the researchers created a sort of blueprint of the perfect invisible cloak."



  • Virtual dressing [Click]: "The major obstacle facing online clothing shoppers is the inability to try on a garment before purchasing. Webcam Social Shopper, a new virtual dressing room concept, is hoping to change that. Blending Project-natal ike motion-capture with scenes from Clueless, the webcam-based dressing room allows you to, sort of, try on clothes you see online." Pops



... & Fashion fun inventions


Sometimes, creators have ideas which go out from the ordinary...

Love it or Hate it, but you can't ignore it !


Kobi - footwear designer


It dressing by Cynthia Rowley

« If you can’t afford a designer dress… you can afford a designer band aid ! »


Bambi heels by Jc de Castelbajac


Fashion Meat


Cosmic Couture, by Setareh Motarez (French Student, Anver's Academy)


Toothed Jewelery by  Polly Van Der Glass


degree of seduction..

Refers to the lenght of your skirt : Recatada, discreta, sutil, coqueta, sensual, caprichosa, seductora, provocadora, atrevida, descarada, guerrera and fatal.

available here


Recycle Shoes by Liza Fredrika Åslund


Fashion plant by BioCouture


Flat pellets boots by Gaetano Pesce for The Melissa


This model of J Crew would she forgot to shave her legs? Not quite ... The brand has launched a new range of tights with the lace looks, from afar, a pile of hair might have forgotten to remove


The hightest heels in the world

British shoes manufacturers are currently working on the model "Heel The Sky" which will have a heel height of 23 centimeters!


The 10 Items to have in your wardrobe


      1- A Little black dress - sexy or stylish, classic or classy, it stays timeless…


      2 - A Fetish Jean

      3 - A black blazer or a little tweed jacket


      4 - A white blouse which adapts to all the kind of occasions


      5 - Stilletos or all-purpose ballerinas.


      6 - A classic trench - Burberry preferably of course


      7 -  A leopard scarf

      8 - A mini skirt


      9 - A cashmere sweater

      10 - A wallet or a XXL bag



      Hit Fall / Winter



      Trend Fall / Winter 2010



      At a time when fashion weeks in spring / summer collections just concluding, the icy wind was a reminder to all budding fashionistas it's time to cover. For the woman of winter 2010/2011, the creators have drawn on decades past to define a clear winter retro inspirations fifties, sixties, seventies, they failed to choose the poor.

      I - Colors

      • Camel & Co.: when we already saw himself dressed in black total look-or at best gray, now the camel stands out as the ultra-trendy color this season, in a spirit seventies. To avoid overdose, mixed brass, rust, beige or khaki


      • The Red : Version of hemoglobin, blood orange or red Telenovela, mind True Blood has spread onto the podium. Difficult for everyday wear - In practice, therefore, be preferred to a small room set vermilion garnet, so you can try to mix and match unreleased able to renew our wardrobe in the blink of an eye. Red / pink, red / camel, red / cappuccino and red / olive are many associations to try this fall. More good news! researchers noted that men are turning not only about a woman dressed in red, but also that they are less hesitant to ask them personal questions. They also manage to get physically close.


      II - Contents

      • Lace (again and again) : Already in our custody rob this summer, now asserts that lace for one more season. And is now part of everyday life. That in turn vintage and precious coveted by celebrities. Not a VIP party without its share of lace dresses. This winter she invites himself among others at Givenchy or Versace.


      • Velvet : Biggest surprise this season! After missing the podium for years, it's a comeback that has not gone unnoticed.
        Today more flexible and worked, it is far from the effect "quaint" that accused it before. Yet it struggles to integrate back into the mores and as a subject in the moment - Velvet, you either love or hate, but nobody is indifferent


      • Mesh : If the coarse mesh is a safe winter, this season, you have to decline it : in dress, body, cape ...


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